Everything is a project.


Every time you set a goal you need a plan to achieve it. Whether its a launch event, a marketing campaign or development of a new product, a good project manager will know how to pull it all together. But we aren't just good project managers. We understand that different companies, industries and personalities require different approaches, and we adapt to suit your needs, however unique they might be. We take a creative approach to management, focusing on engaging project stakeholders from the beginning so everyone affected by your project understands the direction it is headed. But most importantly, we'll distinguish a clear purpose for your project before it even begins, defining goals and objectives with which we can measure the project's success as it runs and fully evaluate upon completion.


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Stego is a collection of creative-minded project managers, marketeers, designers, event professionals, production experts and content producers, from backgrounds as varied as theatre, education, corporate events, student engagement and brand management.


In a world of structure and process, we champion creativity and innovation.  We are proactive, not reactive; we don't follow the same map for every project, we'll tailor one

that works for you. We are not just project managers for

the creative industry; we are creative managers for

every industry.


Working with our partners Cato Music, we can offer you a complete production package for your event, launch, installation or roadshow.


With a focus on music and arts driven projects, we can offer you everything you could need including staging, lighting, PA and audiovisual and backline. Working with our project team, we can design and create a complete experience, brought to life by some of the most experienced production and live professionals in the business.


Whether you're about to kick off on something completely new or feel that an existing project may have lost its way, we can offer you advice and support to help you reach your goals. Even if you're not quite sure what you need to get on track, call or e-mail us for a chat about what we can do together.



E: nat@stegoltd.com         M: +44 (0)7891802218



We are always looking for people to join our team and expand the huge range of skills we can offer to our clients, so do get in touch if you think you can add to our lineup.

From one-day event staff to longer-term production support, we know how to put a team together with compatible personalities, complimentary skill-sets and the ability to motivate one-another.


We work with people with a careful blend of experience and originality, and just the right amount of competitiveness to ensure we are always offering the very best. We specialise in defining and managing clear roles and responsibilities, whether we are working with our own bespoke staff or your already existing project team.